The Shape Of Doom To Cumm)))


LP (transparent red)

TOTEM 016 / Totem Cat Records

Finally back on vinyl: the sixth full-length from Ohio’s most miserable band, Fistula. “This is how sludge should be: downtrodden, hateful and without a shred of decency.” (Clrvynt)

Transparent red vinyl.

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  1. Serial Vapist
  2. Promiscuity Ingenuity
  3. Goat Brothel
  4. Sabbath Wants To Do A Split With Me
  5. Tough Guy
  6. Black Maggot
  7. Negative

Additional information

Fistula was forged in 1998 by musical partners-in-crime Corey Bing and Bahb Branca. Over the course of their existence, the band has released a seemingly endless barrage of studio albums and split EPs through numerous lineup changes featuring the creative talents of bands such as –(16)-, Sloth, Hemdale, The Disease Concept, Accept Death, and so many others. Fistula is a band that is impossible to categorize, combining elements of remedial sludge, hardcore and a proverbial “bad case of the Mondays.” Nearing two decades of ear bleeding, Fistula remain the kings of doomed-out “miserycore.”

The Shape Of Doom To Cumm))), their sixth full-length,  alternates between blasts of misanthropic hardcore and Sabbath-tinged sludge. The quartet has lost none of their fury and vitriol over the years, and The Shape… proves that Fistula haven’t let down the flag hoisted by Eyehategod and Iron Monkey decades ago.

Available on clear red vinyl, limited to 300 copies.