Elder & Kadavar

Eldovar: A Story Of Darkness And Light

LP (color-in-color blue vinyl)

RRR004 / Robotor Records

Repress on color-in-color blue vinyl. Limited to 200 copies and a Stickman webshop exclusive!

In the midst of the COVID-19 shutdown in Germany, Elder’s Berlin-based contingency teamed up with local heroes Kadavar for a weekend to make some noise. What began as an idea to just jam with a “let’s-see-what-happens!” mentality became a trip on its own, and after months of digging through jam sessions, writing and re-writing parts and developing a plan not just for an improvised record but for a true concept album, the bands have released their joint effort.


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  1. From Deep Within
  2. In The Way
  3. El Matador
  4. Rebirth Of The Twins
  5. Raspletin
  6. Blood Moon Night
  7. Cherry Trees

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