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Psychobabble 095 / Stickman Records

Elder’s eponymous debut from 2008, remastered by Carl Saff. The vinyl version comes on blue 180gr vinyl including a bonus LP containing demo material from 2006, never before given a proper release!


  1. White Walls
  2. Hexe
  3. Ghost Head
  4. Riddle of Steel pt. 1
  5. Riddle of Steel pt. 2

Bonus LP – previously unreleased demos

  1. 1162
  2. Red Sunrise
  3. Black Midnight
  4. Soul Incarnate

Additional information

In 2006, three longtime friends and members of the small music scene anchored in the port city of New Bedford, Massachusetts got together with the mission of making music that was heavier and more brutal than anything happening around. The first version of Elder was an interesting beast, combining sludgy riffs, primitive black metal vocals and Genghis Khan-themed lyrics. After toiling in these murky waters for a year, band members Nick DiSalvo (guitar), Jack Donovan (bass) and Matt Couto (drums) shed their extreme metal origins and emerged with their first proper album, Elder, an album that would already establish the band as some of the best riff-dealers this side of Birmingham.

As more recent works have demonstrated, Elder is no stranger to blending and bending genres to their will; Elder proves that the three teenagers were already dabbling with this idea in their incipient years. Imagine the massive riffs from bands like Sleep, Electric Wizard or Fu Manchu reconstructed to build epic psychedelic soundscapes and you’re on the right track. Growling, delay-soaked vocals and spacey keyboards add further touches of uniqueness to Elder’s brand of stoner doom.

To celebrate the record’s 10 year anniversary, this reissue comes with a second LP containing the band’s first ever recordings from their early days. Originally released as an MCD in 2006, these songs have never before been given a proper release – a welcome addition for any hardcore fan. The entire package has been remastered by Carl Saff and presented on colored 180gr. for your listening pleasure.