Totem Cat Records / TOTEM 003

LP (orange) / CD

Third album from sludge masters Dopethrone.


  1. Hooked
  2. Reverb Deep
  3. Storm Reefer
  4. Devil’s Dandruff
  5. Cult Leader

Additional information

If you worship heavy riffs, downtuned guitars, earth-shattering drums and guttural vocals, Dopethrone just might be your new favorite band. Defiling the stoner scene since 2009, III is the band’s third full-length, originally released in 2012. The Montreal band delivers six tracks of brutal stoner sludge that are as groovy as they are malevolent.

“The fact that these guys are Weedeater’s and Electric Wizard’s hidden sons is now a thing no one can ignore anymore. Dopethrone has a supernatural groove, a seductive devilish power combined with a chronic penchant to throw absinth on the flames whenever they have the opportunity to do so. III arouses evil even more than its predecessor[…] As always, we feel like we were invited to join a voodoo ritual by the Canadians, and that they would do anything possible to drag us out of the depressing conformity that is so characteristic of our modern world. Dopethrone is already supreme, now they’re about to become legendary…”

(The Heavy Chronicles)

III is back in stock, fittingly, on sewage-colored vinyl and CD from Totem Cat Records and is distributed by Stickman Records.