Devil's Witches

The Audio Erotic Collection


2LP (col.)
Cursed Tongue Records CTR 023

Solid white (LP1) and solid red (LP2) 180 grams vinyl housed in individually hand-numbered gatefold cover. Brand new artwork and graphic design by Devil’s Witches and reproductions of art from previous ‘die hard’ editions by Mortuus and Kanvas Assassin. Mastered by Tony Reed. Limited to 500 copies.

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1. Apache Show
2. Motorpsycho
3. Black Cauldron
4. Pornodelic Opium Dreams
5. Voodoo Woman
6. Mountain Of The Devil’s Witch
7. Jupiter Kush
8. Velvet Magic
9. Requiem Pour Un Vampire
10. Cherry Napalm
11. Charlie Got Me Killin’
12. Voodoo Woman (Acoustic Return)
13. Supervixen
14. (Fuck) Agent Orange
15. Magic Wand ft. Gabriel Ravera
13. Porno Witch

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