Carlton Melton

Live In Point Arena


2LP (blue/white/olive splatter)

LBR036 / Lay Bare Recordings

Live In Point Arena was recorded during a full moon on the evening of July 18th, 2008. It wasn’t a live show but more a gathering of friends and folks to play some ‘head music’ at Brian’s [McDougal] home which happened to be a geodesic dome and ideal for those types of sounds.” So begins the story of a unique performance chronicled by a portable recorder, which was tape-traded and burned onto CD-Rs for years before finally finding its way onto vinyl thanks to Lay Bare Recordings.

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  1. Happy Song
  2. Against The Wall
  3. Fucking Funky Shit
  4. Inter Mission
  5. Root Ball
  6. Full Moon Ridge
  7. Legion of Doom
  8. Thirst Cycle
  9. Another Log On The Fire
  10. Speeditup
  11. Rubbery Room
  12. Purer (extended)

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