Blood On Wheels

Blood Money


LP+CD (colored vinyl)

ROCK5CGR094 / Crispin Glover Records

These guys are not posing rock puddles pouting their way to stardom. These guys are all about honest rock and roll and live concerts. Songs about the darkness of living in a small Norwegian town with unfaithful women, a bankrupt brewery and 20 identical burger joints, all charging 14 dollars for a beer that tastes like dog piss with a hint of cranberries. Their music smells of gasoline, cigarettes and alcohol.

Green & black marbled vinyl + CD.

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1. Spiders Web

2. Don’t Wanna

3. Money

4. Camaro

5. Saturday Night Coming Down

6. Run Away

7. Silence

8. Years Spent

9. (Why) Don’t You

10. Like A Drug

11. The Wrong Song

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