Black Moon Circle

Studio Jams 1-3


5 CD Boxset
MOONBOX 102 Crispin Glover Records

This collection include the 3 Space Jam vinyl releases, available on CD for the first time. The 2 bonus CDs include 7 previously unreleased jams.
Comes with an 8-page booklet, limited to 500 copies. No sales to Norway, sorry!

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1. Closed Loop Circuit
2. Sea Of Vapors
3. Yellow Nebula In The Sky
4. Serpent: The Head
5. Serpent: The Tail
6. Barnard’s Loop
7. Waves
8. First Trip
9. Lunar Orbital Escape Rocket
10. Super Dude
11. Anti-Reality Vehicle
12. Interstellar Orgasmatron
13. Nebulacide
14. Drowning In A Sea Of Fears

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