3 Jul 2020

Shipping info for USA/AUS/NZ

Unfortunately, Deutsche Post has still not opened up shipping to the US, Australia and New Zealand. We are currently sitting on a pile of orders for the limited edition Omens LP, along with many other records, which we are unable to ship.

Deutsche Post is also unable (or unwilling?) to provide any insight into when they think they will open up these shipping routes again.

We will continue to reserve all orders for as long as our overseas customers are willing to wait – and we will refund all orders immediately at customer request.

In the meantime, we are taking the step of temporarily not allowing orders from these three countries through our web shop software. We will reactivate these countries as soon as we can ship again, no worries!

Our apologies to all the customers who are patiently waiting for their orders to ship. We are grateful for your business and your patience!