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Today we have a double whammy for you: the release of both Motorpsycho’s Angels and Daemons at Play 6-CD box set and King Buffalo’s Orion album. Beautiful artwork on both as well as lots (and lots) of music and text to peruse. Since we just got the CD box sets in yesterday afternoon, we’re busy packing Read more…

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Psychobabble 001 Motorpsycho Wearing Yr Smell CDM / 10″ 12/1994 Psychobabble 002 Motorpsycho Timothy’s Monster 2CD / 3LP-Box 01/1995 Psychobabble 003 Motorpsycho Blissard CD / 2LP 02/1996 Psychobabble 004 Motorpsycho The Nerve Tattoo CDM / 10″ 03/1996 Psychobabble 005 Motorpsycho Manmower CDM / 10″ 07/1996 Psychobabble 006 Motorpsycho The Tussler Soundtrack 2x 10″ 10/1996 Psychobabble 007 Read more…

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Print-quality pictures. If other motifs are desired, please contact Jeannette at stickman@stickman-records.de. Motorpsycho Download Motorpsycho press photo ZIP Elder Download Elder press photo ZIP King Buffalo Download King Buffalo press photo ZIP Mos Generator Download Mos Generator press photo ZIP Orango Download Orango press photo ZIP Papir Download Papir press photo ZIP


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Motorpsycho has its origins way back in the mid-1980s, when teenage Norwegian metal heads Hans Magnus ’Snah’ Ryan and Bent Sæther met. Agreeing that Rainbow Rising was the finest album ever recorded by anyone (a statement often thereafter and still to this day often amended and adjusted), the two later attended the same high school and Read more…