13 May 2020

ROCK FREAKS RECORDS and Stickman join forces!

The name Rock Freaks is synonymous here in Europe with the heavy rock festival Freak Valley which happens every year (except for 2020, of course) in Siegen, Germany. Over the past decade, this small team of dedicated volunteers has poured their blood, sweat and tears not only into their festival, but has also started their own label to release records they love and live sets from the festival.

We’ve been friends with the Rock Freaks for some years now, having enjoyed quite a few editions of Freak Valley as well as some excellent wax from their team. Thus we are extremely pleased to announce that Stickman and Rock Freaks Records have partnered up and will now be selling their titles in our webstore.

The first three titles available from Rock Freaks Records are:

OutsideinsideII – Founded by ex-Carousel guitarist/singer and bassist, this Pittsburgh troupe is a classic rock powerhouse. II is their second full-length.

The Great MachineGreatestits – 2019 album by the Tel Aviv band The Great Machine. Heavy stoner riffs meet energetic punk. Known for their crazy live performances, their records do an excellent job of translating that energy to wax.

The Great MachineLove – The band’s 2nd full-length is a sprawling 2LP ranging from psychedelic rock to stoner-punk to sludge. Contains bonus tracks from their performance at Freak Falley Festival!

There is more to come, so keep your eyes open!