24 Apr 2020

“Omens” out today!

A rare moment of excitement in these couch-crushing times: Elder’s latest record Omens is out today! It’s a whirlwind of proggy, heavy psychedelic rock that’s already been getting some critical acclaim:

Elder has, for some time now, solidified a respectable place in this enchanting genre crossroads — Omens makes that position as solid as granite. This album jams hard, fast, and long in all the right ways, plus its complexity is just on that teetering edge of overwhelming but so damn impressive. A careful balance for sure, among many others inside the music’s walls, but Elder truly nails all the right points with this release.” – Invisible Oranges

Omens is available on 180gr 2LP (bronze marbled/azure marbled) and on CD.

Please note: due to COVID-19 our shipping carrier is still restricting mail to certain countries outside of Europe. Any orders unable to be shipped immediately will be held and sent at the first possible opportunity.