19 Oct 2021

King Buffalo news! New studio album and represses

King Buffalo‘s newest studio album entitled Acheron is coming soon!

What will inevitably be known as ‘the cave record,’ Acheron is the second LP recorded by the band in just a single year. It follows this spring’s The Burden of Restlessness and finds the Rochester, New York, trio expanding their sound once again.

15 Oct 2021

Spidergawd – VI and two 7″ singles coming soon

For those patiently awaiting news from camp Spidergawd, today we have it! The new record VI will be out this December on Crispin Glover Records. In advance of the record, we also have two new 7″s.

Recorded and mixed in Soergarden Studios September 2020, this is the band’s first album featuring Brynjar Read more…

15 Oct 2021

Elder & Kadavar announce new collaboration record ELDOVAR

Elder and Kadavar have announced their upcoming collaboration record, a concept album recorded during late winter/spring 2021. A statement from Elder follows:

“Some of you have probably noticed a few clips of us playing with our friends in KADAVAR in their own Robotor Studios this spring. Over the past years, Read more…