17 May 2022

New webstore arrivals from Totem Cat Records and others

DeadbirdTwilight Ritual (LP, Totem Cat Records)
Available for the very first time on vinyl! Totem Cat Records & Hibernation Release are proud to bring you this important piece of Arkansas doom metal originally released in 2007, featuring members and ex-members of Rwake, Pallbearer & The Obsessed. The vinyl comes with a 4-page insert featuring the story of the recording as well as a download code for the previously unreleased version of the album called “Other Worlds Than This”!

Fistula/GreenmachineSplit 12″ (LP, Totem Cat Records)
Crushing split vinyl featuring long-time partners in crime Fistula from the US and Japanese sludge legends Greenmachine. 3 tracks from both bands. Available on neon purple or black vinyl.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Homo Habilis Blues (LP, one62one)
25th Anniversary Edition. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives debut EP remastered, expanded and finally on vinyl, the way God intended it. Better sounding than ever and enriched with tracks from the legendary 1995 Romelanda sessions.

Nicolai Dunger Every Line Runs Together (LP, Gamlestans Grammofonbolag)
Excellent new album from Nicolai Dunger, featuring Reine Fiske as well as Ebbot Lundberg and other members from the Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

Strange HorizonBeyond The Strange Horizon (LP, Apollon Records)
Blytung skandinavisk heavy metal! Perfect for fans of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Count Raven, the Finnish scene, the Maryland scene, 60s/70s proto-hardrock, blues and NWOBHM.

Temple Fang Fang Temple (2LP, Electric Spark)
Insider’s tip and on heavy rotation here at the Stickman office! Fang Temple is four tracks of spacey psychedelic rock in very long song formats. 2LP on black vinyl.