9 Oct 2020

New webstore arrivals: Bismut, Bonehawk, Galactic Superlords, Horizon, and Elder (repress)

Here’s our weekly drop of new webstore arrivals from our distro labels, as well as a fresh pressing of one of our own.

Bismut – Retrocausality
2LP | Lay Bare Recordings
72 minutes of heavy rock grooves laid down live at Peter Kloos’ Studio 888 (35007, Devil’s Blood) flow into one intuitive audio space vessel.

Bonehawk – Iron Mountain
LP (pink) | Cursed Tongue Records
A modern approach to 70’s psychedelic hard rock, heavy metal and blues rock from Kalamzoo, MI.  For fans of Thin Lizzy, Allman Brothers, Iron Maiden, Dio, and ZZ Top.

Galactic Superlords – Freight Train
LP | Rock Freaks Records
The five-piece from Cologne is back with a new full-length album. “Freight Train” is one step further into the most beloved realms of the band and combines the spirit of NWOBHM, classic hard rock and blues.

Horizon – The White Planet Patrol
LP (blue) | Cursed Tongue Records
The Spanish trio Horizon delivers their most focused and heavy album to date, packed to the brim with metal-tinged, yet warm and fuzzy riffs, pulsating bass and hard-hitting grooves. 

Elder – Dead Roots Stirring
2LP (orange) | Stickman Records
Elder’s second album from 2011. Remastered by Carl Saff. Available again on a new pressing of double 180gr orange vinyl