27 Nov 2017

New Totem Cat titles: Spectral Haze and Earthride

We’ve got two new releases from Totem Cat Records in our web store, available immediately: the new full-length by Spectral Haze and a brand new 7″ from Earthride.

Spectral Haze could be described as a full on acid rock experience, a mashup of Hawkwind-esque space rock and Motorhead style balls-to-the-wall rock n’ roll. Their second LP Turning Electric comes wrapped in beautiful artwork from Adam Burke and is available on CD and splatter vinyl.

Earthride are some of the biggest heroes of the Maryland doom scene, featuring the whisky-soaked vocals of Dave Sherman (Spirit Caravan, The Obsessed). Their last record came out in 2010, so their new 7″ Witch Gun/Bridge Burner is cause for excitement.