15 Sep 2017

New releases from I Like To Sleep, Pink Moon and Mental Tremors in the webshop now!

Today we’re offering three new releases out:

I LIKE TO SLEEP is a young band being heralded as the “new generation of jazz”. Their driving combination of drums, baritone guitar and vibraphone is based on heavy riffs, catchy melodies and plenty of improvisation, and the band has already been turning heads in their home country following a support gig for Motorpsycho. Of further curiosity for those familiar with Motorpsycho and their collaborations with Ståle Storløkken (also of jazzers Elephant9), Storløkken’s son Amund fronts the group on vibraphone. Their debut album “Bedmonster” is out October 2nd on 180gr vinyl including a CD, housed in a psychedelic die-cut record sleeve.

Check ILTS’s live recordings here, album preview coming soon!

PINK MOON is a Norwegian psychedelic garage rock band featuring Øyvind Holm (also of Sugarfoot). The band was formed in 2013 as a studio project but morphed into an explosive live act. Think The Who before they grew their hair too long, or the early protopunk of MC5. Their newest album “Let The Devil Take Tomorrow” is out now and in our webshop!

MENTAL TREMORS are a two-piece band from Melbourne who churn out psychedelic, melodic and heavy rock. The group sometimes recalls a warped, downtuned Black Keys, inviting you to bang your head in unison – and sometimes they just choose to simply pummel you with their sludgy riffs and howling vocals. We’ve got just a few of this very limited offering from Cursed Tongue Records so don’t sleep on it. This one will also be out on October 2nd, but can already be ordered through the webshop.

Check the album at the band’s Bandcamp now!