27 Jan 2017

New records by Spidergawd and Woodland on presale now

What’s better than a new release from Crispin Glover Records? Two!

“IV”, the latest installment from Trondheim’s Spidergawd, is the logical continuation of their no-nonsense approach to sax-driven hard rock. Drawing more influence from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, “IV” is a unique fusion of 70s rock, blues and metal that could only be born in the far north.

To support their new album, they’re bringing fellow countrymen Woodland on tour, who are also supporting their new album “Go Nowhere”. Their bluesy, self-proclaimed “right-in-the-face rock ‘n roll” sounds like it should have been born in the Mississippi Delta.

Both albums will be released on February 24th and can be preordered in the webshop now!