17 Jun 2016

New member of the Stickman team

Things have been incredibly busy here at Stickman Records the last two years, especially since we started representing some very fine Norwegian labels in the EU. The mailorder has picked up dramatically, and we realized that we were at the limit of what two people can do. So we’ve been keeping our eyes open for the perfect third member of our small team and, happily, we have now found him. Welcome, Nick!

Many of you already know Nick DiSalvo as the guitar player and singer of Elder, which is obviously how we got to know him too. He’s currently living in Berlin and will be helping us out on all kinds of projects that he can do from there, or from the US, or while on tour, or wherever he happens to be at the time. Have laptop, will travel.

But no worries, he’s also working on new Elder material, which we are very eager to hear!