12 Feb 2021

New distro titles from Rock Freaks, Cursed Tongue, Lay Bare, Crispin Glover and The Notwist

The winter is long (here in the northern hemisphere), and we know you need some new music to pass the time. We’re here to help! Here are our new distributed titles for February so far:

Bushfire – Live At Freak Valley
LP (neon pink) / Rock Freaks Records
A five-bearded international consortium inhabiting the heavy blues rock area. This is their set from Freak Valley in 2018.

Galatic Superlords – Galatic Superlords
LP (platinum) / Rock Freaks Records
Energetic, wild, authentic and with a slight touch of retro sound: The Galactic Superlords present a thrilling piece of heavy rock.

Green Orbit – Supernova
LP / Rock Freaks Records
Green Orbit proudly carry the torch of that uniquely European brand of stoner rock which perfectly marries groove, melody and psychedelic riffs.

Krissy Matthews Band – Live At Freak valley
LP / Rock Freaks Records
Live performance of the prodigal blues rock guitarist Krissy Matthews at Freak Valley Festival 2016.

Lunatic Skydance – Electronicmotorcontrol
2LP (golden smoke) / Rock Freaks Records
A long lost gem from the 70’s, finally seeing the light of day thanks to RFR. Lunatic Skydance could be the successor of Seattle’s Mad Season – a grungy, psychedelic monolith.

Mountains – Dust In The Glare
LP (clear/white splatter) / Rock Freaks Records
Mountains take the threads of stoner, prog and grunge and weave them together into a tapestry of huge sounds.

The Notwist – Vertigo
2LP / Morr Music
First new album in years from one of Germany’s most iconic indie groups!

The Notwist – Shrink
LP / Community
Vinyl restock of The Notwist’s fourth album.

The Notwist – 12
2LP / Community
Originally released in 1995, back on 2LP after an eternity out of print.

Ruff Majik – Seasons
2LP (golden smoke) / Rock Freaks Records
Ruff Majik is a trio from South Africa who have quickly gained a reputation for their intense performances and raw yet multifaceted sound.

Soothsayer Orchestra – Soothsayer Orchestra
LP (white/oxblood) / Lay Bare Recordings
Soothsayer Orchestra is a one-man project led by Pieter Hendriks from The Netherlands, whose gravelly voice leads a caravan of dark Americana, folk noir and apocalyptic blues sounds. 

Sumokem – Prajnaparadha
LP (bone white) / Cursed Tongue
Sumokem have expanded on their progressive doom metal stylings and made a record that is brooding and majestic. 

Switchblade Jesus – Death Hymns
LP (gold) / Cursed Tongue Record
Returning with new fire and more technical approach, Switchblade Jesus incorporate their doom stoner tones into a thrash metal medley.

We also have more copies on the way of two killer releases that went very quickly from Lowrider and Slift, as well as the reissue of Elder’s Live at Roadburn on 3×10″ – check back at the end of the month!