16 Apr 2021

Motorpsycho’s Kingdom of Oblivion out today!

The latest and greatest offering from Motorpsycho is available everywhere now – enjoy!

The remainder of our stock of colored vinyl has been put back into the shop – there are only around 70 copies, so if you missed out and still want to grab one, now’s your chance. Please no repeat buyers, let’s let everyone get their chance, eh?  Update: This final batch of clear vinyl is now sold out!

“Even as they’ve consistently explored varying textures and sides of alternative rock, indie, classic heavy riffs and vibes and keyboard-laced progressive serenity, they’ve carved out an identity that is wholly their own and is maintained on Kingdom of OblivionMotorpsycho said they wanted to make a heavier record. So guess what? They did. […] Motorpsycho are creating pivotal heavy progressive and psychedelic rock right now.”

The Obelisk