31 Jul 2020

Motorpsycho “The All Is One” presale is now live!

Listen to the new song “The Same Old Rock (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy) now!

The presale for Motorpsycho’s upcoming album The All Is One is now live! Along with normal vinyl and CD versions, we have a webshop-only pressing of LPs on transparent vinyl.

Here is some information on how this presale will work:

The limited edition will be limited to two copies per customer.

Due to the fast-moving nature of Motorpsycho presales and the limited time we have for processing and packing, we cannot consolidate earlier orders, or orders made at a later date while you’re waiting for the albums to ship. You can of course add other records to your presale shopping cart on Friday, and those items will be shipped together with The All Is One.

If you are from the US, Australia or New Zealand, you cannot order at this time due to covid 19-related shipping restrictions. However, please send us an e-mail if you are interested in purchasing the limited edition of the new album. We will be holding back a number of copies until we can ship to you again, and we’ll let you know when they go back online at that point.