20 Jul 2015

Supersonic Scientists

Supersonic Scientists poster

On October 16, 2015, The Norwegian National Museum of Rock – the “Rockheim” in Trondheim – will open an enormous retrospective Motorpsycho exhibit called “Supersonic Scientists.” This has been in the works for almost two years, and during the preliminary work and digging through the archives, the band gradually became aware of how difficult it must be for the uninitiated to find their way through this vast universe.

So the time has come to do some kind of an anthology, which will include 15 songs on a double vinyl album and on a double CD, and be released in time for the exhibit opening. The Rockheim people also wanted to do some kind of printed matter for this exhibit and talked to several authors and publishing houses to see if anything a bit bigger than a catalog was doable. The result is that Falck Forlag (the publishing company) is getting 15 different authors, journalists, cultural personalities and fans to do an essay each, in Norwegian, centered on one of the tracks on the anthology and the album/time it comes from. The list of authors can be found on the crowdfunding page for the book Motorpsycho Supersonic Scientists.

We (Stickman) are looking into making an English translation of this book available, and we will of course be releasing the LP and CD simultaneously with the Norwegian version. Whether the translated book will be ready in time for the exhibit or not is in the stars at the moment as the Norwegian version is still being worked on, so we will post more details here as they become available!