25 May 2018

Motorpsycho – Roadwork vol 1-5 on presale now!

Presales are live today for the vinyl editions of Motorpsycho’s Roadwork recordings. Up until now, volumes 1, 2 and 4 had been previously available, with the vinyl pressings having gone out of print. Together with the band, we’ve reissued these volumes on colored vinyl as well as added two new records: volume 3 (only previously available as part of the Haircuts DVD) and the brand-new volume 5 from the band’s 2017 tour. This last record contains some of the wildest trips in the Psychoverse spread across 3(!) LPs and is not to miss!

A note to our mailorder customers: Since this presale is going live right before the weekend, it might take a few days to get your “this order is complete” confirmation mail from the webshop, which has to be sent to you manually by us human beings. But no worries: if you pay by PayPal, the mail sent by them stating that payment has occurred is also a confirmation that your order is safe. So keep calm and rock on! Or pet a cat. It’s all good.