18 Jun 2018

Motorpsycho – Roadwork 5 news

Those of you who will be getting Motorpsycho’s Roadwork 5 triple LP later this week will find a “special feature” on your LP that is not evident at first glance, and which was very much unplanned.

The band had a special request, which was to press the sides as follows on the three vinyl discs:

Disc 1: Sides 1 and 6
Disc 2: Sides 2 and 3
Disc 3: Sides 4 and 5

A little bit of time travel, so to speak.

The pressing plant followed these instructions to the letter…. until it came to the labels. They are glued onto the discs in the normal order of 1-6.

We will do our best to have them “get” this with the second pressing, which is in fact being ordered today. And for the rest of you: enjoy your misprints, which will be sought-after rarities soon. ;-)