23 Apr 2016

Motorpsycho – Here Be Monsters Vol. 2

IMPORTANT UPDATE 12/05/16: The LPs are already making their way to us and to the band, and we have sold out from our end. However, the album can still be ordered from the band’s website (http://motorpsycho.no/) until May 14th, so please redirect your orders there. Thank you!

Motorpsycho are currently on tour in Europe and have a very special LP with them at the merch stand: Here Be Monsters Vol. 2. The band explains it best on their website as follows: “The title track to Here Be Monsters is a 25 min piece of music. It felt too close to the other songs to fit on the album and was left off the running order, but it is a mighty fine recording of a mighty fine song, and we have made a mighty fine special ltd ed tour LP out of it!” It has a special cover that folds out into a map and includes a CD of the recordings as well.

But the band underestimated the demand, and realized that the tour LP could easily sell out during the first few days of the tour. So as a solution, they are now selling a certain amount each evening at their merch stand, and have opened up online sales for the duration of the tour only, meaning until May 14th! And since postage prices are extremely expensive from Norway to the rest of the world, they’ve asked us to help them out with the logistics. We are of course happy to do so, and have added the LP to our webshop for orders from anywhere except Norway, limited to 5 per customer.

This is how it will work: the band is collecting orders until the end of the tour, at which point the album will no longer be available for order. Once they return home they’ll get enough pressed to cover all orders, and we will receive our share of them directly from the pressing plant. We will start packing and shipping as soon as they arrive here. However, please be aware that the European pressing plants are extremely overworked on a permanent basis and pressings can take several months to arrive. So you will need to be patient and we will keep you up to date as much as is possible.