19 Jan 2016

Motorpsycho – Here Be Monsters album and Spin, Spin, Spin 7″ now in presale! And Toys too!

We’ve decided to kick off the presale for the two fantastic new Motorpsycho releases today already! You can therefore now find the “Here Be Monsters” album and the “Spin, Spin, Spin 7” ready for presale in the mailorder. And as an extra added surprise, we have a small amount of the Motorpsycho “Toys” singles in both colored and black vinyl available too, so it can all be ordered at the same time.

Some logistical information:
If you’d like the 7″s a week earlier than the album, which will be released on February 12th, you can order them separately and they will be mailed out at the beginning of February once the stock has arrived here at the office. Please be aware that this will entail extra postage costs. We do ask that you don’t order them together with the album and then request them to be mailed to you separately later, as we can’t handle these kind of requests in the middle of a very busy presale. We also ask that you don’t request to have an already existing Spidergawd order consolidated with your Motorpsycho presale or 7″ order for the very same reason. Thanks for your understanding!