20 Mar 2015


MOTORPSYCHO - En Konsert For Folk Flest

Earlier than expected, we are starting the presale for Motorpsycho’s special project, “En Konsert For Folk Flest”. There is only one format, which includes a very special cover, two 180-g vinyl slabs, one CD, one DVD and enough text to change the word “booklet” into “book”. The Stickman version is limited to 2,000 copies and each of them will be lovingly hand-numbered by some poor soul at the pressing plant.

A one-off pressing with very high production costs, we are not putting a low price on this baby, and due to it’s expensive and irreplacable nature, will only be mailing out copies with tracking information (meaning no budget shipping prices).

Sales are limited to one copy per order through the mailorder and shipping for just this heavy release will be as follows:

Germany: € 5,00 (package under 2 kilos)
EU: € 11,00 (small package with insurance)
Worldwide outside of EU: € 19,00 (small package with insurance)

We will begin packing and shipping orders immediately upon receiving our truckload of records, which should be approximately April 13th, give or take a working day. So we can’t promise that you will have them on one specific date, but we’ll get them to you as quickly as two middle-aged people can pack up packages, fueled only by adrenaline, good music and caffeine….