17 Aug 2018

Mailorder Round-Up!

We have a ton of releases hitting the webshop today, including new releases, re-releases and plain old “back in stocks”. First and foremost, we’re happy to finally get the first Papir album, self-titled, out on Stickman Records. This new version is freshly mastered, on 180-g neon yellow vinyl and includes a bonus track not available on the original LP. It’ll hit the shops on August 31st, but we will ship out webshop orders immediately.

We’ve also been able to re-stock quite a few of The Heads titles, including the very popular “Everybody Knows” boxset, which sold out instantly the first time we put it online. Simon of Forte UK in Wales, our dealer in all things The Heads, has also sent us a couple of other titles from another label he runs, Creepy Crawl. And last but not least, we’ve got new titles in from Cursed Tongue and Totem Cat.

So with no further ado, here is a list of what is now online and ready to ship:

Papir – Papir LP (Stickman Records)
The Heads – Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere Box Set (Rooster Rock)
The Heads – Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere 2LP (Rooster Rock)
The Heads – Time in Space 2LP (Rooster Rock)
The Heads – Enten Eller LP (Rooster Rock)
The Heads – rtk! 2CD (Rooster Rock)
The Heads – Dead in the Water CD (Rooster Rock)
Over-Gain Optimal Death – More Hearing LP (Creepy Crawl)
Warp Transmission – The Process Ultra LP+CD / CD (Creepy Crawl)
Hashteroid – Hashteroid LP (Cursed Tongue)
Dopethrone – III LP / CD (Totem Cat)
Dopethrone – Dark Foil LP / CD (Totem Cat)
Dopethrone – Transcanadian Anger – CD (Totem Cat)