Other Stickman-related links:
Stickman on Facebook.
Our Twitter account (postings by Jeannette).
Our Instagram account (postings by Jeannette).

Motorpsycho’s official website.
This used to be the unofficial official website, but now funtions solely as an active forum for Motorpsycho fans.
Elder’s bandcamp page.
Elder on Facebook.
Our friends from Mos Generator.
Norway’s hottest new act…
Spidergawd’s Facebook page.
The Devil and the Almighty Blues, an amazing new band from Tromsö. This is their Facebook page.
Orango is a brillant band from Oslo and they are also part of our extended family.
Orango’s Facebook page.
1099 is an instrumental post rock band from Trondheim, Norway. We’re helping them with their European distribution – check them out!
35007 from the Netherland’s website.
The official homepage of Anekdoten from Sweden.
The official homepage of Slut from Germany.
The Hagfors Gebhardt Hickstars official website.

Friends, family and partners:
Our friend Torgeir Lund runs the Crispin Glover Records in Trondheim and we are proud to take care of his label in Europe.
Crispin Glover Records on Facebook.
We represent this Tromsö based labels in Europe.
Also part of the family, we take care of distribution and mailorder sales for this label, also based in Hamburg.
Arne from Noisolution runs a cool label and also does promotion for most of our bands in Germany. Just don’t mention the FC Bayern München.
Our friends from Lo-Fi have been fulfilling all of our merchandising needs for many years.
One of the best labels in Germany, an excellent mailorder for good music and just good people. Support them!!!
A Hamburg based label, concentrating on top-notch vinyl releases.
Our friends from Beverungen, Germany. They’ve been carrying our records in their mailorder for years.
JJ from The Obelisk has been a staunch supporter of our bands over the years.
Eva Nahon designed this website. Please give her your business!
Falk-Hagen is a great photographer who’s taken a lot of high quality pictures of our bands.
One of the best festivals in Germany and we make sure to attend every year.
The mother of all festivals, a truly unique experience.