Label FAQ

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Frequently asked questions

What are your mailorder shipping costs?

You can get a general idea of our shipping costs on our shipping overview page (which can also be found at the bottom of the page).

Do you accept credit cards?

Only via Paypal.

Are you accepting demos at this time?

We have a “never say never” kind of attitude, but we are rarely in the market for new bands. Send us a bandcamp or similar link  only (no mp3 files, please). Please save your postage money and save resources and don’t send us a CD demo through the mail, a link does the job!

Do you listen to MP3 demos or follow links to music downloads?

MP3 file attachments are deleted without opening. Send a bandcamp or similar link!

Can we come by unannounced and ask you to listen to our demo right there on the spot?

Please please please don’t do this. It will annoy and embarrass us. You’ll probably arrive while we’re walking around in our bathrobes, vacuuming, or feeding the cats. Yes, we live here too and unexpected visitors don’t thrill us too much.

Do you have a store at your address too?

No, just an office. But if you call beforehand, we can probably arrange a time for you to stop by to buy some goodies.

Can I talk to somebody in your software development department (or any “department” for that matter)?

We don’t have departments, but if you ask to talk to someone in the A&R department, for example, we’ll probably put you on hold for 5 minutes before picking up the phone again and talking to you in a different voice.

Can we be opening band for Motorpsycho at their concert in (insert name of town here)?

Most definitely not and please don’t ask this question ever again!

I have a small punkrock/indie/whatever mailorder and would like to trade records with you. Is this possible?

Unfortunately not, as we have found through past experience that usually we don’t manage to sell records that are unrelated to Stickman and the labels we represent officially.

I live on the outskirts of (insert name of small town in some obscure country here) and can’t find your records anywhere. What to do?

Please check our distributors list to see if we even have distribution in your country. If so, ask your local record store to order the record you’re looking for from them. Or better yet, order it through our mailorder, our prices are good!

Do you have any job opportunities at this time?

Other than an occasional overworked and incredibly underpaid intern who is truly to be pitied, we aren’t hiring anybody, sorry.

My name is Muhammad Megadummo from Botswana and I would like to send you € 25,000,000,000 in order to get my funds out of the country. Can you help me?