19 Apr 2023

Iron Jinn out now!

Amsterdam’s “masters of strange and etherial psychedelia” (Distorted Sound) today finally launch their anticipated debut album. The band will perform a special set this weekend at Roadburn Festival to celebrate the event. 

Order on 2LP / CD

Iron Jinn are masters of strange and ethereal psychedelia […] a distinct and unique sound that leaves an indelible mark on you, seemingly as the worlds of psychedelia and avant-garde collide” 
Distored Sound Magazine

Iron Jinn are going to that place right where the brain meets the stem, the moment right before you’re actually asleep when you have that last conscious thought […]  the album sprinkles moments of clarity amid headed-way-down plunges into atmospheric ethereality, seeking to and succeeding in immersing listeners in a sprawl of dark and progressive heavy rock.” 
-The Obelisk