9 Feb 2024

Full Earth – Cloud Sculptors on presale now

Full Earth is the latest project from Kanaan and Motorpsycho drummer Ingvald Vassbø. The debut album Cloud Sculptors is now on presale coinciding with the release of a new single Echo Tears!

Helmed by one of the best drummers on the scene, Vassbø has also recruited his Kanaan bandmates Ask Vatn Strøm and Eskild Myrvoll, as well as bassist Simen Wie and organist/synthesist Øystein Aadland in this ambitious new project.

Broadly speaking, Full Earth is equal parts heavy progressive rock and experimental music. Cloud Sculptors is a monumental album running 80+ minutes in which the band explores every facet of their musical interests: massive riffs, intricate and driving rhythms, swirling organs and ambient passages.

Cloud Sculptors will be released March 15th on double clear LP (including download) and on CD. 

Missed the first single? Check out the title track here.