1 Dec 2017

Elder reissues out today

Elder have been part of the Stickman family since 2015, but their older records had unfortunately become difficult to locate in past years. Luckily we’ve finally gotten the opportunity to get the band’s first two albums back in circulation and have given them the deluxe treatment.

Elder, originally released in 2008, is available on CD and blue 180gr. 2LP. The second LP contains 4 songs from the very first Elder demos, never before heard on vinyl and not appearing on any other releases.
Dead Roots Stirring, the band’s second record from 2011, has long been a fan favorite. This 2LP is available on 180gr. orange vinyl.
Both records have been fully remastered by Carl Saff (who mastered the band’s last records) and sound immense.

You can order your copy of Elder and Dead Roots Stirring in our webshop.