Here’s a few lines about some of the bands that we have worked with in the past:

ANEKDOTEN are one of the world’s best progressive rock bands. We released “Gravity” before the band started up their own label.

BLACK CAB are an Australian duo who have experimented with a broad range of sounds in their storied career.  On their two Stickman Records releases, a heady brew of raw guitars, early ’70’s style drums, plus pulsing electronic and industrial audio treatments all combine to provide an eerie take on late ’60’s and early ’70’s American rock.

BOY ANDROID wrote a fantastic album called “Walk / Run / Flee”. We haven’t heard from them in awhile, but we hope they’ll pop up on the music scene again.

BRAZEN from Switzerland were hard-edged yet introverted, wrote music that came from both the head and the guts. They disappeared a lonnnng time ago, a pity, really.

COSMIC CASINO released two albums on Sticksister, “Be Kind and Be Cause” and “Ballads for Bastards”. They broke up, but Markus has an instrumental band called “Instrument” that are pretty good!

DIPSOMANIACS were from Trondheim, Norway. We released “Reverb No Hollowness” and “Braid of Knees”. They used to define themselves as “catchy Beatle-infected pop music”, but in later years got a lot more psychedelic.

FAVEZ is an indie-rock band from Lausanne, Switzerland. We released a number of their earlier records on our Sticksister imprint before parting ways in the 2000’s.

FIRESIDE from Stockholm released one of the greatest albums of all time, titled “Uomini d’Onore”. We worked with them for several years and are sorry that they broke up!

GORE SLUT were from Belgium and were one of the many bands of the musical genius Rudy Trouvé (dEUS, Dead Man Ray, etc. etc.). No idea whether they still exist. Rudy releases all of his music on his own label “Heaven Hotel” now.

HGH was a folk side-project by Martin Hagfors and Haakon Gebhardt.

ISOLATION YEARS was a folkish-indie rock band from Sweden. Their music was driving, atmospheric and lovely. We released most of their discography until they called it quits in the late 2000’s.

KVLR from Sweden, originally known as “Kevlar” until they were forced to change their name, knew how to write great melodies. The various members are in various other bands now.

LOCUST FUDGE is the brainchild of two talented german musicians, Krite (of Sharon Stoned fame) and Schneider (Hip Young Things and Schneider™). We never actually signed them, we just licensed one remix EP from their label, Glitterhouse Records.

MATTHIAS HELLBERG & THE WHITE MOOSE from Sweden. We released one of Matthias’ records, which was filled to the brim with tripped-out, sitar-drenched psych rock jams reminiscent of early Funkadelic, Captain Beefheart, Allman Brothers and 13th Floor Elevators.

MONOCHROME existed where post-hardcore, D.I.Y., sophistication, pop and oddball dance rock meet. We released a few of their albums in the mid-2000’s on Stickman and our Sticksister imprint.

MOTHER-UNIT was the brainchild of 35007 co-founder and guitar player, Bertus Fridael. Unfortunately, the album seems to have been a one-off, but is still available in the webshop.

MUSTANG FORD were also from Germany. We were convinced that they were going to be huge. We were wrong. Live and learn. They have since moved on, moved out, moved away, had babies, etc. etc.

PRIME SINISTER was Jeannette of Stickman’s old band when she still lived in southern Germany. Together for many years, the band broke up as most rocky marriages do.

RADIO BIRDMAN is a legend that needs no introduction. Out of sheer fandom, we licensed the vinyl for “Zeno Beach”. A huge honor, and unfortunately long sold out.

REIZIGER from Belgium is considered one of the more important bands from the post-hardcore / emocore era. We managed to sign them right in time for the release of their last album. Several members already felt like they had enough of rock-n-roll and wanted to concentrate on other things. Singer and guitar player Geert is still active with his newer projects, though.

SLUT were so young when we signed them that their drummer had to get permission from his parents to sign the contract! We released their first two albums and an EP before they moved on to the majors to become pop stars. We later re-released both “our” albums and they are still available in the webshop.

THE FINE ARTS SHOWCASE was the brainchild of Gustaf Kjellvander. He wrote one of the best songs of all times, “Chemical Girl” and had an amazing voice. RIP Gustaf.

THE SAD RIDERS was the solo project from Favez singer Chris Wicky. It showed his love for Americana and more traditional music. That guy can sing!

THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES was a Swedish rock band that was formed in Gothenburg in 1995 and disbanded in 2012. We released several of their records on vinyl for the first time but they are sadly out of print on Stickman.

THE WEDDING PRESENT is the long-running project of David Gedge, born in Leeds in the 80’s and still going today.