Seemingly out of nowhere, Slomosa hit the international stoner rock scene with their self-titled debut album in 2020. The Bergen, Norway natives were not expecting anything whilst writing the music, focused on other parts of life. It was actually the first music release ever for half of the members, then-songwriters Benjamin Berdous and Anders Rørlien. Their riff-driven music, heavily inspired by the Palm Desert rock scene, showcased a sound that had been hibernating in modern rock and immediately raised eyebrows everywhere. Growing up as fans of grunge, desert rock and skate punk, the band merges the pop sides of modern rock with heavy desert rock, naming their music Tundra Rock – a reflection of the cold winter landscapes they grew up around.
The young quartet was quickly picked up and got booked “everywhere” when the world finally opened up again after the pandemic. During 80-some shows on tour with bands such as Stöner, Orange Goblin and Sasquatch, the band went from local heroes to playing for crowds in 17 European countries, with the concert year culminating with their unexpected appearance in a packed tent in front of thousands at Hellfest.
Their drive and tireless touring has given them a reputation as a special live band among audiences and critics alike – a live band that continues to deliver uncompromisingly night after night. With their distinctive mix of high energy and heavy swamp riffs, the venues explode into an intense chaos when the band starts with their catchy riffing.
Slomosa’s sophomore album is expected on Stickman in 2024.