4 Oct 2016

Alabama Kids – Drowsy Driver

It was in September 1993 when a concert took place – with at the most 50 people in attendance – that set the course for the future for two people in the audience (that would be us, aka Rolf and Jeannette), although they didn’t realize it at the time. The show? Motorpsycho and Alabama Kids.

23 years and one month later, there are a whole lotta Motorpsycho and all the 35007 albums filling the label archives here, but the Alabama Kids records have gotten increasingly hard to find. It took some convincing, several meetings, lots of emails and approximately ten years of waiting (!), but we are now (very) happy to announce that we are re-releasing the iconic Alabama Kids album Drowsy Driver. Remastered at The Void studio in Eindhoven and released on 180-gram vinyl with a CD included, the pressing will be 300 on black vinyl and a very limited edition of 200 on red vinyl, with the red vinyl available only through mailorder. (Any possible future pressings will be on black only.) Release date is set for October 21st, and we hope you are looking as forward to it as we are!