23 May 2016

A message from Bent & Snah of Motorpsycho

So the wheel turns again!

After nearly ten years of making some of the most mindblowing, exciting and original music of our lives, Kenneth Kapstad and Motorpsycho have parted ways.

We realize how lucky we have been to get to go all these crazy places in music together over the last decade, and are grateful for the time we’ve spent together. We’ve made more than ten albums, written and played not only rock operas and church concerts, but played festivals and gigs from Chong Ching to Chicago and challenged ourselves to the max in all respects all the way through. It’s been a fantastic ride and a true joy to get to be a part of this band!

All things must pass, but it is good to go out on a high like this last record and tour – it was truly a worthy end to this thing of ours!

Motorpsycho will obviously continue to make music, but this parting of ways makes it necessary to take stock and meditate on the path forwards for a while. We have no replacement for Kenneth lined up, and don’t really know how things will pan out yet, but that’s the exciting part of the process: the journey is the destination!

We’re sure Kenneth will go on making fantastic music with other people – how could he not! – but we also know he’ll appreciate his period with us: it was a really, really unique and special thing for a special time in our lives, and we thank you for taking the trip with us brother!


Kenneth Kapstad joined Motorpsycho in 2007, and was the drummer on Little Lucid Moments, Child Of The Future, Heavy Metal Fruit, Roadwork Vol.4: Intrepid Skronk, The Death Defying Unicorn, Still Life With Eggplant, Behind The Sun, The Motorpnakotic Fragments, En Konsert For Folk Flest, Here Be Monsters and Here Be Monsters Vol.2.